Monday, 6 August 2018

4 Ways Teachers Can Motivate Their Students

Students come to learn from you. But every student is not performing as same. It is tested that motivated child perform much and they are more confident & active. So that, motivate to students is most important task for a teacher. Motivating students is a part of classroom management.

 Here we’ll know four ways to motivate students in their classroom:

Give them Responsibilities:

Skilled teachers always try to involve student in their different activities. It helps to active child to do their work and also encourage for participating class work. It also make child responsible. Make them realize how valuable their contribution is.

Example: Distributing copies in class, Make leader of the class in his/her absences

Encourage Students:

Encouragement is another weapon of motivating students. Though they are young; but respect matter to everyone. After doing any action, child always waiting for teacher’s feedback. And here teachers play an important role. Never discourage a child even s/he not performing as well. One positive feedback from teacher can change child’s activity and attitude.

Example: Clapping to their action, Just say: keep it up or you can do it, sometimes give them small gifts, and appreciate on their activities

Be Creative:

Make a creative classroom environment to move away monotonous class. Encourage students to get more active. Try to teach with discussion method instead of lecture. Find out some different and interesting teaching methods and tools to make classroom interesting.

Example: Using visual aids, videos

Connect Subject with Real World:

It is very important to explain that a teacher teach in classroom connect it with real world. Students need to feel the learning is important and how to implement their learning in their real life.


If a teacher is able to motivate a child to learn, then the half task is done. As a motivated child is more excited to learn new things. And then both teachers and students can enjoy their class.


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