Thursday, 19 July 2018

Which Minimum 6 Things Must Have to Teach in Abroad?

Many of people wants start their career in abroad and live a different life.  And teaching job in abroad best the way to get it. Is everyone eligible for getting ticket to teach abroad? If you are TEFL certificate holder then YES. But some questions are always stirred in mind. Let’s find out the answers from our today’s discussion.

1.    What should be the minimum educational qualification for teaching abroad?

For teaching abroad you don’t need to have higher qualification. Minimum min high School Diploma or 10+2 is enough.

2.    Need to be native speaker?

Most of the countries prefer native English speakers who are comes from Canada, USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. But country wise it varies. If you have excellence in English skill and can speak fluently in English or you have TEFL certificate, then it has chance to get employment in abroad.

3.    Do I need any special degree?

Yes. Before getting teaching job in abroad, it is must to have TEFL training from renowned institute. Although some schools in some countries don’t want certificate for native speakers. But accredited TEFL course is highly recommended for ESL teachers for below reasons:
•    Accredited TESOL course will give a ticket to get job in anywhere around the world.
•    After taking TEFL course you will able to understand the classroom environment and can easily handle it.
•    If you join a renowned TEFL training institute, then you’ll earn 21st century’s modern teaching skills for your learners.

4.    Is there any age limit to get job in abroad?

Anyone can teach around the world. There is no age limit except in some cases. For younger teachers it is challenging to gain full time job. But they can join as volunteer teacher different teaching venue like summer camp. But older people can easily get job with their previous experience.

5.    Do I need to have teaching experience?

No. Most of the countries don’t require for previous teaching experience. But in some cases for certain country or location, you need teaching experience. Even students can also apply for this job.

6.    Is any restriction about professional background?

NO. Of course not. From any background can enroll their name as an ESL teacher. It’d be student, teacher or from any profession.


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