Friday, 17 March 2017

Explore the Gastronomic Appeal of the Street Food of Kolkata

Visitors always find it easy to roll out the names of well known restaurants dedicated to Bengali food. They have spread out in the last decade and a half as if in a zeal to show that Bengali food can be commercialized. But our acquaintance, a young TEFL student who can make it clear that he is not looking for the fine dining but to a certain extent authenticity at a reasonable price. Hence the street of Kolkata present a various range of gastronomic delight at a price which will satisfy any plebeian. You can roam around the nooks and corners of the city and explore the lip smacking street foods while you are here for a TEFL course Kolkata. Here is a list of the famous street food spots of Kolkata.

If there is some place in the world where every phuchka wallah makes a phuchka to kick the bucket for, it is this. Among other Kolkata road sustenance, the “tok – jhal” (spicy) phuchkas, dum aloo phuchkas and dahi phuchkas (crispy puffed balls with potato and yoghurt fillings) are incredible. Churmur, an offspring of the phuchka family is one more delicacy too difficult to resist. Joined with different masalas (spices), tetul jol (tamarind mash), crushed potato and crushed papris, churmur is on the whole glorious. Serenaded by the steady flow of honking, foot passage, and marketers, there is not anything better than biting into a delicious snack and washing down your all worries with piping hot tea in a clay cup. What else you get? Well here you get to be involved in to the famous Bengali adda (group chats).
Do you know the now well-known ‘Kathi Rolls’ were first pretend in Kolkata? This fast food shop called Zaika owns the praise to the tasty stuffing wrapped in thin roti which is now found in all cities. although there have been differences as it established its way across cities, the unique and genuine Kathi Rolls can be found at Zaika. For other lip smacking rolls, you can try any other well known places in Kolkata.
Jhal Muri is the most well-known and ubiquitous Bengali street snacks which stands for in Kolkata. Nearly in all places you look, you will come across a trader selling jhal muri. It is a mixture of puffed rice, peanuts, casual crunchy things, fresh slices of onions, a few slices of fresh tomatoes and green chillis, coriander, a handful of spice seasonings, and a spoon full of mustard oil to top things off. The things are all put in to a metal can and stirred up and mix things up. It is served almost always in a newspaper bag. Next comes the local fair special ghoogni chat. Made from yellow peas this Kolkata street food can be in your TEFL food list favorites. The smouldering warm peas are added to a small folio bowl, mixed with spices, tomatoes, onions, coriander, chilly, tamarind, and lime juice. You need to eat it with a stilted spoon. Until arriving in Kolkata you will have no idea how popular a Chinese veg item can be among the spice lovers. Veg chow is stir fried noodles mixed with a few sprigs of veggies.
But snacks are not alone on the list especially when you are really hungry and luckily Kolkata street foodstuff supplies a number of seriously delicious full serving of food options as well. Rice and a variety of curries from veg to non veg is a normal filling meal which fits your pocket and also tastes magnificent. In fact, you may just want to pack your bags for TEFL for the love of delicious Kolkatan food.


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