Monday, 5 February 2018

Understand the Limitations of Dramatization with Nursery Teacher Training

Drama has been in use for a very long time in history, dating back to the age of Aristotle who was of the belief that theater provided individuals with a means of releasing their emotions. Today it continues to be at the forefront of a progressive education movement where emphasis is being increasingly placed on doing things rather than memorizing them. Integrating drama into the curriculum is of great help to the children in various ways and teachers get to learn about the same as they enroll for a Nursery Teacher Training in Kolkata. However, the practice also has certain limitations to it as we explore more of these.

•    Dramatization Is an Art But Not Many Seem to Be Aware of It: Some amount of technical knowledge is required for dramatization and therefore training is of utmost necessity for the aspiring teachers. There is a lot of potential to act in children and they are at ease while imitating the actions seen in a play. This also makes them comfortable while performing though some amount of infirmities may exist in the acting. As a teacher you have a very important role to play in regulating and guiding these students.
•    It Could Lead to an Environment of Indiscipline: Another argument given to the use of dramatization in the classroom is related to the growth of indiscipline. Some people are of the opinion that this will leave behind very little room for any sort of discipline in the classroom. A counter argument can be put down here that discipline is something that comes down entirely to the teacher – a teacher who is able to control the class would not face much of a problem with regards to discipline in the classroom. A classroom management course in Kolkata will give you a better idea on how to instill discipline over the students.
•    Limitations from an Economic Perspective: Implementing dramatization in education requires a good deal of capital. Not every institution will be able to afford such a large portion of their budget towards a single methodology/subject of learning and teaching.
•    Some Have Issues with The Creation of Proper Dialogues: One of the important aspects of this technique is that there need to be good use of dialogues. You will need to invest sufficient amount of your time and aptitude in order to write a good dialogue. If the teacher is able to find a way around the problem and work towards a solution, then there is the likelihood that more books addressing the issue will be published and make their way into the market.
•    Not Everyone Seems to Have The Time: One of the biggest holdups in the experiment is a crunch of time. Many feel that dramatization is quite a time consuming activity and the school administration cannot spare too much time in teaching just one subject. However, it needs to be understood that dramatization is not like any other method of teaching and only some topics can be taught through this method.

If one can look beyond the limitations of the use of drama in pre and primary school education, it does come with its fair share of benefits. It gives courage to the students and enables them to come forward and express themselves. Drama also helps to develop self-confidence in the individuals. Some amount of modification will be required occasionally but with practice this can become an effective learning technique for the young learners.


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