Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Learn to Raise Confidence in a Child with Montessori Teacher Training Course

In collaboration with various attributes required to rise in a child, the root factor stands to be the establishment of self-confidence to generate the power of encountering hurdles in life. Self-confidence or self-esteem remains to be the root of acquiring satisfaction and happiness throughout life. In a bid to raise a child, the primary effort has to be made in instilling self-esteem in the child. The world deserves a confident child while a child even deserves to be nourished with a solid dosage of self-esteem.

Being a successful Montessori teacher demands you to be efficient enough in building the self-confidence in a child. However, instilling self-confidence is a continuous process that involves intense attention and adherence of few essential tips to be applied in the process.
Present below are some of the essential tips assisting in child's development of self-confidence,

1.    Provide Abundance of Love:  Injecting self-confidence inside a child is not so easy. Every moment with the child has an effect on his/her developmental level. Delivering love remains one of the most common and obvious issues, however, requires more attention. It is always to be remembered that a child requires plenty of love from his/her surroundings. Even the environment he/she lives in should be covered by intense feeling of love that he/she can feel. Where the relationship of love and self-esteem is concerned, love stands to be the foundation on which confidence grow.

2.    Make Them Believe In their Self-Image: For any Montessori teacher training institute in Kolkata, it stands necessary to make the teachers learn how to improve the self-image of every child. In other words, a child sees himself through the eyes of an adult and teachers need to lay the groundwork so that the child develops a positive self-image that will make him feel happy and satisfied with his own self. He/she should learn to love oneself. Parents play an important role in helping to build a positive self-image and need to invest a big deal in summing up the confidence of a child. Same goes for teachers. A child encounters teacher after his parents. A pleasant, enjoyable and motivating environment makes them increases the confidence quotient in them.

3.    Praise a Child for Anything Good: One of the most vital factors to enhance the self-confidence is to provide him/her with due appreciation. Psychologists say that on being praised for a certain effort especially for younger ones, the child gains self-confidence. For instance, if a child stands first in class, praise him with all your love. On the other hand, if he keeps trying to achieve the first rank in class and ends up with lower grades, you should surely praise him for the effort he has put in and encourage him to put more effort for desired results.

4.    Build Spirit of Independence and Adventure: Another most important factor remains to build the notion of independence and adventure within a child. A child is required to understand and perform new things without the fear of failure. In other words, a teacher should let the children perform work on their own with an observance from the sidelines. For example, on learning how to prepare a sandwich you are to let him do it on his own. Thus on completion of the task, the child is sure to gain confidence from the deed. However, remember to keep a watch and necessary items ready for him to fulfil the task.

5.    Participant of Community and Work Together:  From the very childhood it is required to inject the sense of responsibility within every child. One of the finest ways is the involvement of the child in a social community group that aspires to work together. This will enhance his sense of confidence, being a part of society at large.

There are common beliefs that children should always be pampered and kept in intensive care. However, it has to be understood besides love and care of the family, a child should be encouraged to try out new things and make his own choices which will eventually develop his self-esteem without being dependent on anyone.


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