Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kolkata Culinary Tour with TEFL

Talking of a metropolitan like Kolkata evokes an extreme gastronomic craze all the time. Kolkata is a manifestation of the love for cooking and cuisine. And there lies the difference between Bengalis and other Indians. The people of Kolkata are ready for giving a regal treatment to you and turning you into a foodie with much delicious dishes.The best part is that people here do not care if you call them a foodie Bengali. Kolkata is a city that is sure to spoil you with its variety of food delicacies, starting from street side fast foods to the authentic Bengali cuisine. Here pure emotions get evoked at the kitchens of every house hold. Even if you assume that you have tried out all the options in a category, trust me there is more so when it comes to food. 

When you go through the Kolkata restaurant list keep in mind that each one of them carries a special flavour and at least one unique dish to serve you.The people of Kolkata believe that one has the right to decide on what is the best and it is rather egotistic to say the least. If you are planning to go to Kolkata for taking the international TEFL course try to squeeze the most out. TEFL Kolkata presents you the best offer to get to know this ever changing city from its root. You can go for the ice tea made by sari clad Bengali matrons with syrups and iced water poured from a plastic jug which results in some of the most refreshing and intricately nuanced ice teas that you could ever have and it is perfect for a muggy day at Kolkata.
You actually need to sit down at your desk and make a list for the coming couple of days. Starting from Phuchkas (crispy flour balls stuffed with potato, spices and tamarind) which are the cousins of Delhi’s golgappas, Mumbai’s paani puris, and Lucknow’s paani key batashe but as any Kolkatan will tell you Phuchkas are way superior from the rest. The stalls at Park Street do some interesting experiments by using the Bengali cooking ethos in Western culinary formats. There are places where you can get a preview to the cuisines of Bangladesh without stamping your passport.The stalls are one of the best examples of new age Indian cooking which you can come across and definitely worth a visit. After you have tried basic Bengali cuisine you can hop into something peppy so that you could appreciate the contrast. Great food of Kolkata is in a standalone context too.One of the most famous contributions of Kolkata to the list of Indian street food is the egg roll.The smouldering hot peas mixed with tomatoes, onions, coriander, tamarind water known locally as “ghugni” is something Kolkata lives for. Kolkata is strongly wedded to its sweet delicacies. Kolkata will make you witness the person making the ‘jalebis’. Kolkata is ready to cater to your every taste bud with sweets and spices. Enjoying food of Kolkata has to be one of the best things to do while you are in Kolkata for TEFL course. Kolkata finds solace in cooking and feeding with love like that adamant Bengali mother who is sure to over feed you with its variety of food delicacies, starting from street side jhalmuri (puffed rice stirred with spices) to the famous mistidoi (curd).


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