Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Post Graduate Diploma Nursery Teachers Training Program for Aspirants

Toddlers and young children are by nature curious and have a strong desire to gather knowledge on things that are present around them. This is the time when their self-discovery and exploration process commences. They are blessed with an inquisitive mind and always seem to be full of questions because of their highly active brain and if encouraged from an early age by the nursery teachers, will certainly be a huge benefit for them in the long term. So to speak, nursery schools do not really focus on the formal education of the children, as they are not meant to do so, rather they are introduce and acquaint the children to manners and etiquette and as well provide them the chance and opportunity to socialism and interact with others thereby helping them in developing their social skills and mannerisms and become an active member of society.

Nursery schools emphasize on the various different activities, which can either be indoors or outdoors that will engage the children and also prove beneficial for their all-round development. Activities may range from games, role play, puzzles, etc. For the modern learners there are different learning aids too available with the schools, which also help in drawing and holding the attention of the children for the desired amount of time span.It is also through these various activities that they engage in the nursery school that the children learn to work in groups, share and help each other when the other falters.
Attending pre-schools also encourage creativity among the pre-schoolers and helps in shaping his personality as well as his future. It is the very foundation on which his next educational life depends. Hence it is solely the teacher’s responsibility of making his learning interesting to the young learners. A good pre-school experience will encourage the child towards higher education and ensure that he finds interest in the daily activities performed in his school. 
Therefore in order to take care as well as ensure the growth and development of the students, schools prefer trained teachers who are properly acquainted and are well aware of the modern teaching methodologies that are effective for the 21st century kids.
Nursery teaching is all about identifying the children’s areas of expertise and the area for development and then nurturing and developing them effectively. For instance, a 3 year child may have good verbal skills but poor motor skills while for some other kids it may be vice-versa where he/she may have excellent motor skills but poor verbal/speech skills. It is then purely up to the teachers to help the child with his developmental process.
Teaching kids with the knowledge that they are the future citizens and leaders of the country and that they are part of helping them reach their potentials, also make a teacher’s job fulfilling and satisfying.
A trained teacher not only knows the effective ways of handling and dealing with children, but also acquires the traits required to become an accomplished pre-school educator and have a successful career. Well recognized teacher training institutes offering nursery teacher training courses offer course programs primarily of two levels – Diploma and PG Diploma. Both the Diploma and PG Diploma courses are designed for the aspiring teachers as well as on-the-job teachers.
However, if the aspirant has some knowledge regarding nursery teaching and is quite serious to have a great career in the same field, then PG Diploma program will be apt for the aspiring candidates.Since Education sector is a dynamic one, hence being in this profession involves one to be in the continuous learning and development process. Post Graduate Diploma course curriculum usually comprises of lessons on Child Health & Nutrition, Modern Strategies of Teaching Young Learners, Child Psychology, Use of Different Modern Teaching Aids, Classroom Management, Language Development, and even make them competent enough to create and develop teaching materials. With all these qualities been taught in the course, trained teachers will always be preferred over their non-trained counterparts.
However, since nowadays most courses are available in the online mode of learning, the nursery P G Diploma being no different, even the busiest of aspirants can avail the course and look forward to a successful and gratifying career for themselves.


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