Tuesday, 31 October 2017

An Acquaintance with the Daily Life of a Primary School Teacher

If you are to evaluate the quantitative attribute of a primary school teacher, you are more likely to find huge similarities with the nature of a mother. A primary school teacher stands to be a figure just after the mother and the father, the second ideal for a child. She is the ocean of inspiration, the intermediate connection between the child and the outer world and plays an important role in society. Yes, she is often a child’s first love!
Thus, the eligibility of a primary school teacher is surely tough to gain. This demands a personality that amalgamates almost every quality of being an appropriate and ideal human being, maintaining equilibrium while handling students of all age groups. However, an essential quality of a primary school teacher is the sustainment of patience. The person is required to infuse the spirit of patience as one of the prime aspects of life. In addition, in order to top the list of eligible teacher, she is required to opt for courses on primary school teacher training.

However, being a primary school teacher is no less a blessing for life. Here’s a sketch routine of the daily life of primary school teacher.
•    Early To Rise: This is perhaps the most common feature and the first eligibility criterion of being a primary school teacher. You are to wake up with the rise of the sun. Most of the primary school remains scheduled to within 7 am or even earlier. Being a teacher, you are to reach before the children arrive.

•    1st Half- Lesson Time: After welcoming the children in the school, the first half before the recess remained confined to short time classes on various lessons and subjects. Classes are mostly held on subjects like maths, science, general knowledge, and language. A primary school teacher is required to know the trick that stands necessary to transmit the knowledge to the children in a playful manner.

•    2nd Half- The End Session: Children coming to primary school are likely to get tired and exhausted post the break time. Keeping in mind, routines of all primary schools are framed. It is noticed that the 2nd or the final half of the day remains confined to subjects like art and crafts, moral science and physical exercise. Routines are crafted and framed with utmost care to the sustainment power of children.

While this very routine continues to sustain in life of a primary school teacher, the best part of this profession is that it never gets monotonous. It is the freshness of the children in their souls that rejuvenates the urge for continuous engagement for each new day. This marks the essentiality of primary teacher training course imbibing the necessities of being an ideal primary school teacher.


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