Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Learn To Imbibe the Magic of Manners through Teacher Training Courses

The requirement of undergoing a Montessori session for a child solely rests on his/her personal development. The care of a Montessori teacher is said to nourish a child thoroughly imbibing the basic qualities into their blood. However, often Montessori activities are also coordinated by parents and siblings. But, no doubt children witnessing the care of an experienced Montessori teacher are sure to get enriched and ready for the social world within minimal time. Aspiring to be a suitable for Montessori school teacher thus brings the need of accepting primary teacher training courses in Kolkata.

The basic mantra in teaching children the art of manner requires primarily building a fine rapport with them. With the platform of trust being established between the teacher and the children, the teacher is supposed to make them understand why they are to follow these manners and what does manner actually signifies. Every Montessori or primary school keeps separate sessions of classes for training manners. It is to be understood that manners are essential both at home and outside home. However, this is to be remembered that learning manners are not an overnight process. Regular classes and practical lessons are required in order to let the children master the manners for life.
Here is the process of imbibing manners in children, will surely make you feel satisfied and the most suitable primary school teacher
1.    The Sense of Respect: If you are to infuse manners within children, the primary step is to establish a sense of respect in the children for you. The root for growth of manners is respect that holds on sensitivity to be the driving force. Thus, nurturing sensitivity in a child is the primary step. Considering other’s feelings, caring others gives rise to sense of respect within a child.
2.    Teach Children Polite Words: It is said that children should primarily be introduced with polite words to speak. This is to establish the root of grace and courtesy. Being friendly with the word ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ is often done at first. However, they hardly understand the value and meaning of these words at first and with time and maturity they tend to get the true meaning and requirement.
3.    Frame Manners: However, it is to be kept in mind that manners should be framed in respect to the age and capacity of a child. Generally, a child of two to three years gets influenced by what others say. Thus it stands very important for a child to have a healthy environment and this marks the necessity of Montessori or primary school assistance that would accordingly frame a healthy personality of the child.
4.    Appreciate and Acknowledge the Child: When a child is praised on performing something good, he/gets highly pleased. And he remembers. So, if a child is praised and acknowledged at the right time for the right work, it definitely enhances his/her quest of being a proper person. In case of teaching manners, institutes providing primary teaching courses in Kolkata always instruct the candidates to learn to appreciate the children making them happy and enhancing the process of their growth at the same time.
5.    Never Over-Burden or Force on Manners: Children are highly sensitive. In the process to make them learn manners, a teacher should always keep in mind that the process should be coordinated with care. In other words, imposing force or harsh behavior will be of no use to the development of the child. Rather such behavior will make them turn stubborn and children are sure to perceive a negative feeling in their mind.

Manners are an indispensable part in life. Having good manners is an art to nourish. The process of learning healthy manners depends on the activities a child undergoes for the entire day. Montessori provides an intense emphasis on proper knowledge of manners coordinated by experienced and trained teachers.


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