Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Savour Your Experience in Kolkata During Monsoons with an In class TEFL

Kolkata, ‘The City of Joy’ never fails to charm you with its timeless and classic beauty. I may sound a bit biased but I’m sure that’s okay. When you are head over heels with something, every aspect of it feels equally charming. So, this much biasness is not harming anyone I guess. Kolkata actually has many layers and each layer reveals a new chapter, an aspect worth embracing maybe for the rest of your life. The place with its old world charm intermingled with modernisation presenting a personification of romance redefined. Well, sounds weird right? Wait till you are here during the monsoons.

During the monsoons, Kolkata wraps itself in a whole ‘new look’. No, I am not exaggerating it even a bit. Among those who are reading this, if you already are a ‘Kolkata nibashi’(resident of Kolkata), chances are that you may find this to be super funny. Because most ‘Calcuttans’ fret at the mere mention of approaching ‘borshakaal’ (monsoon), while chances are that my blog may find some few admiring takers who are not only in love with Kolkata, but also with the sound and smell of a fresh rain. If you are among those who are new here, or the place is somewhere in your mind for a next trip, trust me. Try it, and you’ll be proud of yourself for the rest of your life. You will be savouring monsoon delicacies, visiting places and most important of all, creating memories of a lifetime.
As an aspiring TEFLer, you already have the penchant, or say, that drive in you to go and see places, explore cultures and relish local food, an in class TEFL/TESOL is a perfect reason for you to experience Kolkata during the downpour. You may have seen the Victoria Memorial during sunrise or with the sunset in the backdrop. The soft rays of the morning and the evening sun blends with the white facade of the monument kinda casts a spell over the eyes. Have you ever experienced the beauty of the monument in rains? The Victoria Memorial beneath a refreshing spell of raindrops looks dapper and as attractive as a maiden draped in a white sari. The lush greenery around the monument makes the sight ‘a treat for your eyes’ that it would literally be a blasphemy to leave it unclicked.
A TESOL course in Kolkata can actually act like a guide and prepares you for what’s about to come after the successful completion of the course. You will become experienced in gracing the good and bracing the better. A TEFL Degree can be your magic wand, with which you can travel to exotic locations around the world, where there are demands for proper qualified EFL/ESL teachers. An in class course from Kolkata will provide and impart you with all the necessary/ latest techniques in EFL/ESL teaching that you will require to foster effective English learning in the classroom.
Going back to Kolkata monsoon, your monsoon memory here will be imperfect without a rainy day spent on the Hooghly River (near the Princep Ghaat), a boat ride across the river can become risky during the rains, better watch the beauty of the falling raindrops into the river and creating little ripples. Local boys swimming in the river water near the submerged steps of the ghaat makes for an interesting sight for photography or wonder or both.
The most interesting fact about monsoon in Kolkata is the gastronomical affair of Bengalis! While in Kolkata, act like one! Do yourself a favour. Do what Bengalis do during the monsoon. Grab some local snacks or savouries such as aloo chop, beguni, vegetable chop, fish cutlet, mochar chop, onion chop and fuluri (fritters)with some muri (puffed rice) and piping hot tea to flush it all down. That way, you will experience the typical ‘borshakaal er’ (monsoon’s)food culture of Kolkata. During this season, most of the star hotels in Kolkata host various food festivals to celebrate the season. Ilish maachh (Hilsa)is a favourite with the Bengalis during the season with piping hot khichuri.
The monsoon affair doesn’t end here. To extract the real fun out of it, just dare going out without an umbrella. Obviously you’ll be drenched in no time, but at the same time, loving it. Kolkata streets get waterlogged therefore making it quite difficult in commuting and doing daily jobs. As you’re here for some time, make sure to experience this bit also if you get a chance. For those who think that this season is ‘drowning glory’, let me tell them everything has its own ups and downs and it is more like the two sides of the same coin. So actually, monsoon sits atop Kolkata just like a ‘crowning glory’!


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