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Discover the Taste of Kolkata’s Street food While Pursuing an In Class Course in Kolkata

Kolkata, the intellectual hub of India, is commonly known as the ‘City of Joy’. Visitors here find solace in the warm affection and friendly behavior of the people. While Pursuing a TEFL/ TESOL course to give a fitting start to your career, you can soak in the spirit of the city and what it has got to offer.
You can consider applying for a TEFL course in Kolkata and get the chance to explore the two significant passions of Kolkata - food and football. You cannot afford to miss the mouth-watering Bengali cuisine and the sweetmeats. Indulging in Kolkata’s street food is one of the best things to do here. Over time, Kolkata has been influenced by many outside sources whose roots differ culturally and traditionally from that of Bengal. This in turn has had a great influence on the street food of Kolkata. You can find vendors selling a variety of reasonable and lip smacking food items of different varieties. It varies from light snacks to a filling meal at a quite reasonable price.

In and around Kolkata, the common kind of street food is the beloved Phuchka and every phuchkawallah makes a phuchka to die for. Kolkata’s phuchka has a set standard in its own way and is way different than paani- puris. Ask any Kolkatan about their favorite stop, and chances are that you will hear ‘Maharaja Chaat Center, Southern Avenue’ or of ‘Bhawanipur’. Many have local favorites.
The next is Kolkata’s own addition to India’s list of street foods- the kathi roll. Popularly known as roll, it comes in different variations. Its close cousin being the burrito, a kathi roll is usually a paratha with chicken, mutton or egg stuffing. Vegetarians are not lagging behind with veg paneer kathi rolls also available throughout the city. Nizam’s, Kusum, Badshaah are the hot favorites or you can always find a ‘parar roll er dokan’(neighborhood roll shop) that are dotted across the city.
One of the most popular places for a foodies delight is the Dacres lane near Esplanade, where you are sure to find your favorite pick at a comparatively low price. It has a plethora of range for you, starting right from Punjabi, Mughlai, South Indian, and Chinese to the trade mark Bengali dishes. Name it and you’re sure to find it. The common picks being jhal muri, luchi- alu’r dom, chowmein to rolls.
Telebhaja, i.e. deep fried snacks and fritters ranging from onion fritters to different veggie fritters across the city, is a sure best seller during evenings. The shops are open only in the evenings from 5 PM to 8 PM and have people all crowded up to place orders. If you go after 7.30 PM chances are you’ll have very less options to choose from.
Along with the delicious realm of Kolkata street food, you’ll need a beverage to wash it all down, and throughout India, chai is widespread. In Kolkata they use clay cups, locally known as bhaars, to serve nearly every cup of piping hot chai. Any chaiwallah in Kolkata will serve a piping hot tea in his earthen bhaar.
Light meal options are also quite popular across the streets of Kolkata. One of the favorites pick of the ‘foodizens’ in light meals or snacks is a spoon full of aloo gobi (vegetable curry) paired with a couple of freshly made chapatis that are roasted straight over the fire probably on a chulha. Served with a wedge of red onion, chutney, and fresh chilies, this is a fantastic light meal and is quite pocket friendly.
Few heritage eateries in and across Kolkata has its own fan following and still captivates gen next with their lip smacking savouries. Speak of Anadi Cabin, Coffee House, Mitra Cafe, Golbari, Basanta Cabin, China Town (Tiretti Bazaar), Balwant Singh’s Eating House and you are sure to go weak in the knees. Apart from the food, Kolkata specializes in a variety of sweet meats.
Kolkata’s street food habit proves the city to be ‘Gastronomic’ in its truest sense. Once in here, and you are sure to get spoil and amazed with the available options. You’ll have a truly memorable time visiting the attractions in Kolkata, but as a food lover, there will nothing be as memorable as the Kolkata street food.


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