Monday, 23 January 2017

Five Vital Points to Consider Before You Enrol in a TEFL/TESOL Course

There have always been a lot of mixed opinions regarding how much relevant a TESOL or TEFL certificate is to get a teaching EFL or ESL job. Back in 2007-08, such certificates were not indispensable but now it is. In fact, it is becoming increasingly important for candidates to have a TESOL or TEFL certificate to get placed in premium TEFL destinations.

Before getting a pinch at your pocket to raise the funds for the TEFL or TESOL certification, keep in mind the following points:-

•    The course has to be of 120 hours
This is an extremely essential aspect of a TEFL course. Many teachers often opt for courses taking 40, 60, 80 or 100 hours chiefly because they are more cost effective. However, as per latest trend, a certificate with course duration of less than 120 hours does not bear much value. A certificate of 60 hours is not saving half the money, rather wasting half of it. One can anytime take a fundamental course of 60 hours to have a clear idea of TEFL or TESOL, but if he/she has aspirations of getting placed in a different country or attaining a better position, a certificate of 120 hours is totally compulsory. That extra 20 hours does make a difference!

•    TEFL or TESOL course that costs less
Hundred of less credible institutes will offer courses that cost really less. These institutions are simply with the view of making money taking advantage of the upgraded sphere of ESL. Hardly any of these cheaper courses will ultimately land one with a job rendering results that are futile and fruitless. Most of these courses are in online mode with little guidance from the instructor. Online courses are definitely a viable option for one does not need to hinder the prior involvements to pursue them but it has to be made sure that the tutors are present round the clock and the study materials are available at the click of the mouse.

•    TEFL/ TESOL is more valued in Middle East

TEFL teachers are extremely valued in Middle East and if anyone does not have a TESOL certificate, it is in fact difficult for someone to get hired in schools and institutions of these places. However, if anyone is planning to get placed in Latin America, it is not that essential to have a TESOL certificate for the Latin American language schools more of look forward to native speakers. Concisely, to work in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait or Bahrain, one has to meet more demands compared to getting positions in Asia or Latin America. Nonetheless, with advancing time the certificate has been becoming essential to get placed anywhere in the country or abroad.

•    TESOL or TEFL certificates are not scams
10 to 15 years ago from today, it’s true that TEFL or TESOL certificates were not that important and many also scammed with them. But in recent times, teaching English as a foreign language has become prominently more regulated and most schools do look for a 120 hour certified course to hire teachers. So, even if one has to pay a couple of dollars more, it is better to go for a certified course from a reputable institution with prominent accreditations.

•    A good certificate is suggestive of a qualified teacher
Many are with the notion that a TEFL or TESOL certificate is more of a way to satisfy visa requirements. But the fact is most of the teaching certificate courses are well-taught, provide a better insight of the industry and helps one attain mastery over the ever changing teaching methodology.


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