Friday, 24 February 2017

Enjoy the Festivals of Bengal While You are here for a TEFL Course

You can easily connect yourself with the famous saying from the state of Bengal which is roughly translated as ‘13 festivals in 12 months’; indeed the people of Bengal holds an opulent pride when it comes to the festival. The divine power which governs all cosmic creation, existence and change, has developed a strong bond with the citizens of Kolkata. The people here are strongly connected to the culture and the culture of Bengal can never be explained without the presence of festivals. You can say that it is the warmth of festivals which keeps the people of the state connected. Kolkata rarely sees a time when there is not some type of celebration happening and Kolkatans celebrate the holiday season with great passion. Once you are here for a TEFL course you will also become a part of these festivals. Across the regional language divide, the festivals in the place are marked with affection and a convivial spirit.

Among all other festivals, Durga Puja is the most anticipated cultural event in the state of Bengal. The people of Bengal wait for this festival throughout the year. Kolkata, the capital of Bengal covers herself in the most glorious veil. The city is illuminated by bright lights and echoes of ‘dhak’ reverberate inside the grandiose pandals. The city as well as the state gets ready for the successful celebration of the five day long extravagance. Puja of deity Durga is the main festival of Bengalis, for which the enthusiastic hearts keep waiting the entire year. All the Pujas in Bengal involves the performance of a long series of rituals. Though the festival of Durga Puja is renowned throughout Bengal, but it is extraordinary in Kolkata.
The city of Kolkata is filled with the smell of delicious foods and you will see there is always be something to eat at every corner of the city starting from sweets to spicy platter. The city of Kolkata is mixed with its assorted taste from different regions and tribal groups. TEFL course in Kolkata brings in attractive and reasonably priced memories to fill your gallery with different festive degrees.  Each festival has its own unique attempt to do with highly planned food and drink, decoration and music and dance activity. And there are very few places in the world which have preserved their old charm and yet have handled to get into the revelry of today’s world. Kolkata is one of them. Moreover when it comes to Puja in Kolkata, you have no equivalent.
Here you will also have the privilege of joining several influential families of Kolkata at their homes to observe their private long established Durga Puja. And Mumbai may have its twinkling Bollywood appeal and Delhi may have its large budgets, but Kolkata seems to outcast the whole thing with creativity and warmth. Festivals in Kolkata are celebrated with an extra enthusiasm of fun and frolic. Festival trends are constantly evolving and changing. Kolkata not only celebrates the traditional festivals but the city never fails to walk hand in hand with western festivals like Christmas. This is a city of cultural unification; the city embraces the world with all its uniqueness. In the city of joy there is no greater joy than being a part of this celebratory mood while you are here for a TEFL course.


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